Roger Smith

[1] I had a conversation with my daughter

...about the differences between having cancer and being black in america and she told me that cancer is black, dark, dismal and causes depression, blackness in the brain, in the cells, it metastasizes and the people in their angelic lab coats, that carry the MD behind their name as a knight does his shield, take an oath to help you, plug you up to the matrix and damn near kill you, in every valiant effort they can to accomplish what they said they would— whereas being born black in america, young men are unhooked from any plug to success, the cords leading to tomorrow are severed by the trajectory of metallic fragments spewed from semiautomatic hatred, muzzled fear, sniper rifled rage and causes brain matter to overflow; furthermore the people in the glacier blue uniforms, that possess the title officer hide behind shield, ignore the oath to serve and protect, squeeze abnormal amounts of munitions to achieve their very first kill.