Release date: Friday, June 15, 2018

From Wussy magazine: 

"Queer Punks GRLwood Makes Screaming Great Again"

"The South has a reputation for being somewhere cool queer folks move out of to make their art and be themselves. We at WUSSY know that’s not always the case.


There’s a whole contingency of punk rock southern queerdos who parade in front of conservatives every day. One of the louder voices for these queers comes from the band GRLwood.

The Louisville Kentucky dou makes “Scream Pop” that dials the intensity of punk and indie rock up to 11. Lots of bands make loud music peppered with bloodcurdling screeches, but few successfully invoke an emotional reaction like GRLwood.  They sound a lot like early Yeah Yeah Yeahs sped up through a blender. Their minimal tunes owe a lot to the back-to-basics approach of the indie bands of the early 2000s, but GRLwood flies in the face of the straightness and maleness of that scene. Songs like “I’m Yr Dad” and “Vaccines Made Me Gay” mock conservative culture’s attitudes on masculinity and sexuailty."

Hear more of ther work at: Bandcamp

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