Garrett Young
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Broken Stairway in the Key of Fibonacci.


Joel Salcido, 2018.

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The Maze of Post-Late Capitalism.​

Joel Salcido, 2018.

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Susan Ngueyn 


Unending Green



I am learning how to hold grief in my mouth. Something alive until it isn’t.


Like a field is a field until it isn’t, until it is just the color green.


Listen when I tell you how a field folds into a clover when I am on my hands,


how the memory of what I am looking for is not as important as the space it claims.


I don’t mean that grief can be unalive.


Or that I keep it loaded in that place between lower lip and teeth.


I mean I never walked the land where my father harvested seeds.


In his field, he waited for green to bend into gold.


It would start in the center: one spark spreading until every blade shivered with light.


He remembers. I imagine.


Both feel like grief.


I was born here, sinking into mud, and I mean to return.


On my hands, I am digging.

“An American Burial ii”: What is Buried is Not What Remains​.

Susan Nguyen, 2018.

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“Euphoria Ringed with Uncertainty”: (Another Word for Possibility, Danger).​

Susan Nguyen, 2018.

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“Where I Am Offering My Body / Where My Body is An Offering”: Happy to Be Here.

Susan Nguyen, 2018.