Christopher Rey Pérez

plátanos con bananas

it was 17:52 of sitting alone in the espacio called the space noticing trees in representation of  there                  was     in      it              banana trees and monkeies too and a rollercoasters worth for pinche diós mío

it was 17:53 and metal vines green smoothies and frozen yogurts

it was 17:54 eventually and at 17:55 I having to slather over this habitat I was working into at

17:56 with my peg leg hopping along gently my favorite hat wrapped on bonnet-style was fashion

it was 17:57 and did a gulp

            because then it 18:00 and because being here in the armor of me the time was coming to change altitudes

it was 18:02

it was 18:03

it was 18:04

then it 18:08 and I out of vitamins all I had was a nails clipper I emanated a little bit counting hormones

it was july 15 and      had released      me when tunneled through the green     grass the work yonder is bad today corn production

down 16 and the oil continues to do         export and we not have facilities to process it and inflation being at 3.8 (“numbers”) and 25 more die today in (“numbers”) where  it was the repetition of july 15 

it was 18:13 and thinking about all that at once and was doing some right then then me because it getting so screwed in  to

18:20 i mean            what is this thinking about sanctuary and two I shan’t suck off a courtier’s finger whence the gold buttons gather milks for their worried solar plexus

it was 18:21 and groping in the air conditioned air I couldn’t believe they conditioning it

it was 18:23 and feeling like eating a nopalitos or two and mouthing    life  is      langouge     pain    is    immersive    and               grabbing my scant appendages

thinking of the trucking to the        agua caravan     go-ers howls  and  sigh  paddle flimsy then enumerating the benefits to this country-

hole and in full effect nada

it was 18:25 to beginning to feel more freedom and great ancient  rome  (ha!)  with  pure   nervous  system  so  I took     

           off my bonnet and got in with the thinking “kingdom of death” “penis of the colonies” “liturgical     banana trees” one syllable after next in the way of the strong poems

it was 18:29 and thick anxious about the territory I in as happened which was and happening it for the bananas or their propagators and

it was 18:30 then who would peel them?

it was 18:31 and I was not alone I married to   

        the bananas and deep analysis and feeling eruptioned inside in different scales

at 18:32 in this marred x pompous coughing up blood and green and blue and palming it into my     culottes clockwise

it was still 18:32 and stopped up like a tube of old caulking unsanctimoniously

then it 18:35 which meant had to most abled hurry of all

it was 18:36 and my racial features from bird’s eye

so was 18:40 and deciding to lie instigated in the air conditioned  super  air  and  took  a  chewing vitamin found        wrapped in my napkins then admitting obliged then experiencing a pimple burgeoning

because it became 18:45 as the detention system has been rapidly  expanded,  a  greater  share  of  detainees have been      held at private facilities run for profit. Today, nearly 50% of immigration

bed spaces are in private facilities and private                                                   companies own and manage many of the prisons to of and more and

            so on at 18:46 there was plebes in the long corridors in commerce upon checking the time it was darktime then realizing articulating it all wrong it was 18:46 it was tiempo negro there was glamour shots on the wall with presidents and looking down and seeing my blood

dried on the floor and rafters up top and some flags hanging down for chingado sake mijo                muchos of them forming  4 isosceles traignels side by side and moving northwest because of

the air conditions then the air conditions all of a freezing probably to destroy bacteria so the 

                              noble     flags noble still and quiet then

the air conditions going god back        up      again

it was 18:52 my lips really chapped

it  was  18:53  and  checking  the  time  again ¿how I leave here 

the passers in the entirely

it was 18:54 and if they only told me I am a ordained cowboy and if I just lie here and keep to ambulate then        smiling    ok

it was 18:55 and you finished to learn to smile and got on the edge of the raw eroticism I say

but it turn 19:00 like that in the black out and with dead bodies of going back to again the desert or in more specify way I was inside of all the throng with zero shade in them and hurt drone and            destroyed water jugs only for exacerbate and gutted                     dehydrating and burned        skin crispy and eunuchs of all ages in a chicken giant coop with saliva before I thinking ¿how is this patrolling where is the peoples my students the lover and hers lover and each name what are like  the homes in their lives

is the food delicious in its original tongue but no bodies was noticing and having to return toward this narrator again iced-up

it was 19:01 already hijolé the iron buzzard going off

then and hey come back and traveling into one’s own time wanting to clips my nails and erase the concursions from the sodden eyes

it was 19:02 you see it

it was quickly 19:02 and wanting to focus on this banana tree in the middle of the façade momentous so I                    

focusing on the banana tree but dead                                                       bodies on

at 19:03 a whole itemized of dead bodies gacho dead and feeling like was walking on the flinty moon then ribcage contracting and after that salacious air conditioning then the brunt of our labors

it was 19:04 and boy    in his overalls coming out of shop to wash windows and reaching into his jacket and took out a sandgüich immune to the carnivorous

it was 19:05 and watching him with tastee sandgüich in his left hand while wiping windows cleaned with         his right then switched put down rag and switching to his right to spray with his left before switching it to his sandgüich left again

exactly at 19:06 and whispering into the paranoid he might be addressing me then listening more closer to          see if mexico then fingernails inching before feeling relieved he singing in the worker’s way

it went            “como que eres falsa / como calabaza / cualquiera

te pica / y tú al rato te rajas”

yeah  it was  19:07 and a real  song it  was the arolladora banda

el limón I privy to

then it was 19:09 I saw a corpse coming to the surface

at 19:10 I saw a diabolical mirror shed a tear

then it was 19:11 the boy’s boss come out and hurry up you’re not fucking working enough this old man         fat          returned to the store and some loud children—milagros—exiting the store      and two women holding       hands entered the store then a family with a chihuahua passing by and it wanting to enter the store but the father of the family say no