Caroline Clark
To the Sea and
two other poems

To the Sea


Where there is quiet  

                               in the land 

a season’s breath 



where you walk  

                              through the fields 

the river plains 



where you’re at the flat 

                                of the valley 

this is how you feel 



where you can come  

                              to a stop 

the stretch of who you are 



where you can look out 

                              to the lights 

motion and decision 



where you watch  

                               the waves foam 

stone upon stone 



a heart to make sense 

a head to remember. 




Can I be with you 

while you read this 

don’t look up or 

say anything. 



Never known, never  

wanted to know, now  

have this knowledge  

imposed on you like  

a cap you never knew  

                  you owned. 



Dark diamonds  

of the night sky 

you once looked up  

and felt the future years  

an unbound mystery  



From the inside I can  

lean out into the world 

taking the bridge 

from me to you 



The word is dialogic 

though you speak alone 

and finally after years 

of trying I’m getting  

one in of my own. 






Upon their gaze 

hooked or soothing 

as a late curl 

of honeysuckle. 


Upon their touch 

rough or suddenly  


wait for you yet. 


Upon their smell 

chemically yours. 

Now breathe a little 

deeper, hold it, good. 


Upon their hearing  

all tones you issue 

pain, lies, ear- 

splitting lullaby. 


Upon their need 

violent, discreet.  

First to rear its head.  

First to be fed.