Amy Lawless 
3 Poems


As I slid over some wet sidewalk dog shit, trying not to fall, I heard a businessman say There’s no such thing as monsters!

Rumi suggested Start a huge foolish project like Noah.


In the car the other night I said Is that a bag or a dead animal? and my friend said BAG! It’s a bag!  


We needed for it to be a bag.   


Years ago I was walking through a cemetery and said to another friend Is that a bag? and we were hit by a smell. It was a dead cat.


Why can’t it be a third thing?


I’ve purchased oil of oregano, turmeric pills, ashwagandha, dandelion root capsules, and CoQ10. This feels huge and foolish.


There’s nothing worse than smelling death.  


Houdini’s final words were I’m tired of fighting.


I always wonder whether the cat wandered there to die atop the the grave of its human...or if it were placed there by a person….  But it’s never a binary, right?


I’ll just be home doing normal things like cutting an avocado in half and my thoughts turn to this dead cat. And how my head swept from right to left like I was getting punched from the smell.  


Rocky Balboa said “But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”


I had a big pink dream the other night: a man handed me his penis as though jerking it toward me were a step in the recipe we were working on together.


I am part of the beautiful thing--even in my resistance.  


When I’m hopeful, I feel that the world is someone’s daughter.  


Light is golden-red where the sun hits the side of the building.


I’m not tired of fighting.


I took a terrible photo of a beautiful painting of naked Frank O’Hara by Larry Rivers.  His penis seemed patient.  His arms receptive.


Sometimes the wind blows the plastic bags out of trash receptacles and onto the the street.


Sometimes the air remains in the bag so that it looks like a sleeping cat or a racoon.  I mean animals have to sleep? Everyone has to sleep, right?

A Tree Without Time

I walk past these pussy willows

These fuzzy penis head antlers

Riveted to smooth branches

I step on an oak leaf

Big as my small foot

I want to be a tree without the time

And may my spirit tell

You this in the future

Tell you about today

Of how I cried in the bathroom

Pretending I just had to fart

Of how our conversation

Blew me away from you

And just like that

I’m holding my own flag



If you forget misplace the definition statement of the exact meaning of a word and list enumerate itemize all the words the terms the expressions you can think expect reckon so no one thinks you’re an idiot moron lamebrain bozo asshat meatball dipstick thickhead dumbass sap numbskull airhead jerk nerd donkey brain asshat fool nincompoop but in so doing people make their own opinions reactions points of view thoughts takes attitudes impressions estimations feelings assessments notions conclusions clear comprehensible unambiguous plain Workers build manufacture erect produce assemble forge downstairs & I can’t get used to the movement from within a building structure erection fabrication the womb oh the movement is me When I read the headline Cocaine Enters Rivers and Eels Are Out of Control on The Weather Channel I was pleased happy contented over the moon tickled pink grateful thankful on cloud nine Someone is finally doing math arithmetic calculations in this awful world life reality presence journey  I thought Someone is finally finding the drugs in the waterlife Someone--even an eel--is finally putting the pinky in the bag Is finally putting the pinky in the bag raising the pinky to the nostril and breathing in really breathing the air in inhaling panting gasping for air gulping it in  Thought someone is finally finding out that the bag is a big giant ocean a very large expanse of sea and all we have to do is stick our sick heads into the fucking ocean and everything will be fine all right great fantastic exciting colorful extra worth it because an eel has never been wrong incorrect erring untrue perverse astray Except for those terrifying eels with wide awake doll eyes peepers baby blues who dance swim wade around Ursula the sea witch in The Little Mermaid but now that we know they were on coke blow nose candy snow wings yayo California cornflakes white horse the whole time & well, now it all makes sense meaning significance import nuance