Abraham Smith 
Rabbit, Sing Us In

to vermillion hats marooned

upon sentimental nails

scabbed some with seafoam


slouching loom

woofing cinnamon

churn that haunch crank 


and fresh outsetless owlet swings

low loaf old toe mouth

cartoon cat bread neck


like this it's guillotine's

brethren light loot out 

one wind mechanical


why joist bird o save me

suture stretch pants pleat

egress bucket galleon


trueler taller there are none

ladder ladder loves the dust

til it don't then up


now stooping

is it



else or i am goner

one gaghand down

wide-eyed wisdom


o joist bird alloy

o sky salve slather

yr long and yr lovely


such fernal gill throat furniture

undulant and verdant 

talk frogstack neck trill


talk turtle winter pond

muck stack talk guinness

pinted ostrich throat cartoon


cept it's frog frog frog frog

fair will dark tree hotel

free crane neck spindle


let's up gas the couch that

let's going and yesterday

to some florida of moon now


where the living and dead play

whittled punctate

legbone golfclub whistles


talk mad cloudages

veined in heart attack light

rhythm of shit country tequila dreams


pup on shine stone

suture bird ladder up

red the head red the eyes


by way of the blood dream

by terrible shake this infant stillness

it's hotter than hiway milk mama


where if only we are good

we'll one day leashless be

maddeners of sea


waves salt cake waves

rabbit upon rabbits

chaos of leap feet


and footnoted hearts

drum solo freak freaks

gravid dust unsettling


why soon enough sleeps

yes soon enough sleeps

mmm soon enough sleeps 


calls to question

why don't frame shudder

hangover clotheshanger that


light frozen conductored

into something like crane

dippin insides lured


insidious car lock coaxed

atom bomb erect out

from the eyeholes of a dead man


unpopular in his demise

as he was in his whiffling life

ash to grass and may we be

moved through mannered

mulctless guts of ungulates  

not some two stroke blare rooster no


struttin like stone

comet shit freak for a home

and the steamin cold shoulder after


ambulatory bivalve hopechest

from above any straight

line unshields its curl


its sadness grain

old shill shoal win-

some and cranes


impossible that one

lifting as they do the cornbread

and the county grinner too


gonna plant your chaff in awkward litmus

talk alphabet of socks now

frozen to weapon 


on the line i have in mind

personal vintage aerial ladders

and to step 'em down nothing


but my eyes and fingers

the ones upon the others

the heart walks shy shed


the frog fly swallow swallow

the drunk pray burp only 

the egg pulse cry beak


the diaphanous dark sick of it 

so crane the bucket up

from the heartless well


so prime a stately monster mind for real 

soda water precious water freshest water

you yes the pulse mulled


you can of beets on the dash heart you

cardboard pizza by grease bled thru on the dash heart you

energy slump silo dick on the dash heart you


secondhand dashboard

dead gum blue

carry one cracked in the backseat

just in case sweet must

cathect an up ahead 

looking back that's


pure peril 

passion play 

endless white blood delight


annulled in

salt's empathic charge

can't seem cease


juicing fossils

in the neck twist of all

i did not know how say


these willowy risers say

this fig leaf tent vinyl sky

breakable when


beyond is for life

how arrow hollow bone

borne upon regret's exhale


back when we

barely knew rudder from plough

or how to throat sun


bunch of thistledown blown

against wall's

faithful fails


for wings unfurled 

i find i stow

where skulls are


honey is

wrist and

ransom deep